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Graviti Energy – One of the Largest EV Charging Infrastructure Operators in Texas


November 29, 2022


Graviti Energy
Graviti Energy is One of the Largest EV Charging Infrastructure Operators in Texas

HOUSTON, TEXAS – (November 29, 2022) – Graviti Energy, the only Texas-based high-speed electric vehicle charging solutions provider, today announced they are the 4th largest EV charging infrastructure operator in Texas. Currently, Graviti Energy has more than 270 EV charging locations installed and is expected to have nearly 350 chargers deployed by the end 2022.

“We are aggressively expanding Graviti Energy’s EV charging infrastructure this year to keep up with the growing demand for reliable EV Charging Solutions,” says Balu Jegganathan, Co-Founder of Graviti Energy. “And now, with passage of President Biden Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Graviti Energy is seeing unprecedented financial support from the federal government to help accelerate the company’s growth.”

Graviti Energy installs two types of chargers. The first are Graviti Energy’s own Level 2 Chargers, that once installed, are 30-50% faster than industry-standard 7.2kWh units. Graviti Energy also installs Level 3 Chargers, ranging from 60kWh upwards, that can charge electric vehicles in 15 to 60 minutes.

Due to highly-aggressive pricing, including manufacturing their own Level 2 EV chargers, combined with Federal tax credits and rebates, there is virtually no cost to implement Graviti Energy chargers. Gravity Energy can also install twice the amount of chargers in half the time it takes its competitors and within a matter of days of contract signing, Graviti Energy will deliver fully working EV charging installations at the contracted facility. Once installed, Graviti Energy will manage the relationship with the charging customers, including payment collection, providing charging analytics, warranty, and customer support.

About Graviti Energy

Graviti Energy is a high-speed Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Provider and Operator, headquartered in Texas. Our solutions are designed to optimize EV charging by seamlessly connecting utilities, businesses, charging stations and drivers. We provide a secure, safe and dependable single-source solution for your EV charging needs – from equipment to project management and installations, to permits and end-user agreements. In addition, we manage and service all of the equipment, making for a uniquely hassle-free experience. Graviti Energy is a Woman Owned Minority Business.