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Condos & Apartments EV Charger Installation

Is your housing complex catering to the needs of Electric Vehicle owners? EV owners are now actively seeking accommodations offering EV charging overnight.

Is your apartment or condo building ready to cater to the needs of Electric Vehicle owners?

Graviti Energy offers 2 types of condo & apartment EV charging solutions – Level 2 and Level 3 chargers. For most purposes, we would suggest Level 2 chargers, as these EV drivers will most often leave their vehicle parked for a longer duration. However, for locations that are close to busy freeways or have significant EV charging needs, Level 3 would be a strong option to consider. If you are ready to increase your multifamily property’s revenue generation avenues, contact us about installing EV charging stations.

Attract Residents

An increasing number of tenants require EV charging for their electric vehicles.

Improve Property Value

By attracting affluent EV owners, you can increase rents and your property value.

New Revenue Streams

Convert those passive parking spots into active revenue streams.

Excellent ROI

Gain a favorable return on your investment into high-speed EV charging stations.


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Annual Charging Revenue
81,979 lbs
Annual CO2 Reduction

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Turnkey EV Charging for Condo Buildings & Apartments

Graviti Energy provides a simple, seamless process from initial condo EV charger installation, all the way through your tenants and their visitors plugging in and charging up!

Graviti EV charging stations

Ultra Fast Chargers

Engineering and manufacturing of our Elective Vehicle charging units is conducted in-house.
With a heavy focus of research and development, we prioritize EV Charger reliability and efficiency.
Charging stations are equipped with advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time data.
chargepoint ev charging platform

Intuitive Platform

View EV charger station usage in an intuitive, real-time display
Gain customer insight, including new and repeat customers
View financial reports, such as revenue by property, charger type, and more
Graviti Energy Mobile App

Robust Mobile App

Seamless registration process & activate charging via QR code
Locate available chargers through an intuitive map feature
Simple pay-as-you-go billing with speedy transactions
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“EV charging is just as critical as the gym. It’s beyond an amenity, or a  nice-to-have.”

Phil Carmody

Head of ESG and corporate programs, GID

Make a Sustainable Living Experience for Your Tenants

Adding electrical vehicle charging stations at an apartment complex or condominiums can benefit property owners by attracting and retaining tenants, increasing property value, meeting regulatory requirements, and promoting a sense of environmental responsibility within the community.


Attract & Retain Tenants

Offering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at an apartment complex or condominiums can be a unique and attractive amenity for tenants. As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, providing a convenient charging option can make the property more appealing, potentially attracting new tenants and contributing to tenant satisfaction and retention.


Increase Property Value

The presence of EV charging infrastructure can enhance the overall value of the property. As the demand for electric vehicle charging grows, properties with such amenities may be considered more valuable by potential buyers or investors. This can contribute to the long-term appreciation of the property value.


Meet Regulatory Requirements

In some regions, there are regulations and building codes that encourage or require the inclusion of EV charging infrastructure in new construction or major renovations. By proactively installing charging stations, property owners can ensure compliance with local regulations, avoiding potential penalties or the need for costly retrofits in the future.


Environmental Responsibility

Providing EV charging stations aligns with a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable living. It allows residents to make eco-friendly choices in their transportation, contributing to a more sustainable community. This commitment to green practices can be a selling point for environmentally conscious individuals seeking a place to live.

Apartment & Condo EV Charging FAQs

Join Thriving Properties That Chose Graviti Energy

To discuss your needs and guide you through the decision process. Our engineers will scope out your location and provide you with the right solution for your needs.