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EV Charging for Hospitals & Office Buildings

Are your employees able to charge their electric vehicles while at work? Graviti is a top provider of high-speed office EV chargers for business and healthcare facilities.

Electric Car Charging for Businesses and Healthcare Facilities

Graviti Energy offers 2 types of chargers for commercial ev charging station installation – Level 2 and Level 3 (DC Fast) chargers. For locations that are close to highways and/or heavily trafficked, we recommend very high-speed Level 3 chargers, or a combination of Level 3 and Level 2 chargers. For locations where employees or customers may park for extended periods during the day, or even over night, we suggest Level 2 chargers.

Regardless of your office EV charging station needs, Graviti Energy is ready with turnkey solutions so you can offer EV charging to employees and visitors!

Encourage EV Usage

When your employees can charge at work, they will want to drive electric vehicles.

Send a Green Message

With EV chargers in your parking lot, you present he right environmentally friendly message.

Generate Revenue Streams

Convert those passive parking spots into active revenue streams.

Excellent ROI

See your investment into Graviti Energy EV chargers pay off in just a short duration.


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Annual Charging Revenue
81,979 lbs
Annual CO2 Reduction

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Easy EV Charging, End-to-End

Graviti Energy provides a simple, seamless process from getting your chargers installed, all the way through your employees and visitors plugging in and charging up!

Graviti EV charging stations

Ultra Fast Chargers

Engineering and manufacturing of our Elective Vehicle charging units is conducted in-house.
With a heavy focus of research and development, we prioritize EV Charger reliability and efficiency.
Charging stations are equipped with advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time data.
chargepoint ev charging platform

Intuitive Platform

View EV charger station usage in an intuitive, real-time display
Gain customer insight, including new and repeat customers
View financial reports, such as revenue by location, charger type, and more
Graviti Energy Mobile App

Robust Mobile App

Seamless registration process & activate charging via QR code
Locate available chargers through an intuitive map feature
Simple pay-as-you-go billing with speedy transactions
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“EV charging is just as critical as the gym. It’s beyond an amenity, or a  nice-to-have.”

Phil Carmody

Head of ESG and corporate programs, GID

A Simple Solution for EV Charging Infrastructure at Offices & Hospitals

Installing EV charging stations at an office building can have various benefits, ranging from employee satisfaction and retention to corporate image and contributing to the broader adoption of sustainable transportation practices.


Attract & Retain Talent

Providing electric vehicle charging stations at an office building is a positive perk for employees who own electric cars. This amenity can enhance the workplace experience, making the office more attractive to current and prospective employees. It can also contribute to employee satisfaction and retention, especially among those who value sustainable practices.


Demonstrate CSR

Installing EV charging stations aligns with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. It demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, which can positively impact the perception of the company both internally and externally. This aligns with the growing trend of consumers and employees preferring businesses that prioritize environmental responsibility.


Encourage Sustainability

By providing charging infrastructure, an office building encourages the adoption of electric vehicles among employees and visitors. This not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with commuting but also supports the broader shift towards sustainable transportation. It can be seen as a tangible effort by the company to contribute to environmental conservation.


Enhance Visitor Experience

For visitors to the office building, having access to EV charging stations can enhance their experience. Whether they are clients, partners, or job candidates, the availability of convenient charging facilities reflects positively on the company’s commitment to modern and eco-friendly practices. It can leave a lasting impression and contribute to positive business relationships.

Office & Healthcare EV Charger FAQs

Business EV Charging Stations by Graviti Energy

Is your office building a place where your employees and visitors can charge up their EVs while they are at work or in meetings? Are you addressing your company’s Net Zero goals and initiatives? Graviti is the electric vehicle charging station contractor for your turnkey EV charging needs.