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EV Charging Solutions for Parking Facilities

Attract electric vehicle owners to your parking facility, increasing occupancy rates and enhancing customer satisfaction. Capitalize on the growing trend of eco-friendly transportation and make your parking facility a preferred destination for EV drivers. Invest in EV charging infrastructure today and watch your business thrive.

Is your parking facility ready to cater to the needs of Electric Vehicle owners?

Graviti Energy offers 2 types of chargers for parking facilities centers – Level 2 and Level 3 chargers. For locations that are close to highways and/or heavily trafficked, we would recommend very high-speed Level 3 chargers, or a combination of Level 3 and Level 2 chargers. For locations where customers may park for extended periods, we would suggest Level 2 chargers.

Attract EV Owners

Bring drivers of electric vehicles into your parking facility.

Improve Your Property

Boost your facility’s appeal and value with Graviti charging stations.

New Revenue Streams

Convert those passive parking spots into active revenue streams.

Excellent ROI

See a high return on your investment in just a short time.


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Annual Charging Revenue
81,979 lbs
Annual CO2 Reduction

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Easy EV Charging for Parking Operators

Graviti Energy provides a simple, seamless process from getting your chargers installed in your parking garage or parking lot, all the way through your customers and visitors plugging in and charging up!

Graviti EV charging stations

Ultra Fast Chargers

Engineering and manufacturing of our Elective Vehicle charging units is conducted in-house.
With a heavy focus of research and development, we prioritize EV Charger reliability and efficiency.
Charging stations are equipped with advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time data.
chargepoint ev charging platform

Intuitive Platform

View EV charger station usage in an intuitive, real-time display
Gain customer insight, including new and repeat customers
View financial reports, such as revenue by location, charger type, and more
Graviti Energy Mobile App

Robust Mobile App

Seamless registration process & activate charging via QR code
Locate available chargers through an intuitive map feature
Simple pay-as-you-go billing with speedy transactions
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“EV charging is just as critical as the gym. It’s beyond an amenity, or a  nice-to-have.”

Phil Carmody

Head of ESG and corporate programs, GID

Graviti charging stations bring new opportunities to parking facilities

Adding electrical vehicle charging stations at a parking facility offers benefits such as increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, market differentiation, revenue generation opportunities, and a contribution to sustainable practices.


Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Providing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at a parking facility can enhance customer satisfaction, especially for those who own electric cars. This amenity adds convenience for EV owners, making them more likely to choose your parking facility over others. Increased satisfaction can lead to customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, attracting a broader customer base.


Competitive Edge & Differentiation

In an increasingly competitive market, having EV charging stations sets your parking facility apart from others. It becomes a unique selling point that can attract a specific segment of customers who prioritize electric vehicle-friendly services. This differentiation can be particularly advantageous in areas where the adoption of electric vehicles is on the rise.


New Revenue Opportunities

EV charging stations can be monetized to generate additional revenue for the parking facility. Whether through direct charging fees, memberships, or partnerships with electric utilities or charging networks, there are various ways to capitalize on the growing demand for electric vehicle charging services. This additional revenue stream can contribute to the financial success of the parking facility.


Contributing to Sustainability

Installing EV charging stations aligns with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. It demonstrates a commitment to reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation and supports the transition to cleaner energy sources. This can enhance the reputation of the parking facility, especially in locations where environmental consciousness is a significant factor in decision-making.

EV Charger Parking FAQs

Join Leading Parking Facilities That Chose Graviti Energy

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