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Charging the Future

Contributing to a more sustainable future by providing a simple turnkey EV charging solution.

Turnkey Installed Chargers.
Lower Cost, Less Headache.

Our comprehensive EV charging solution provides the necessary support to customize a charging program that meets your business and customer requirements. By partnering with a single provider, we offer both the expertise and solutions needed to develop your charging infrastructure within your specified budget and timeline.

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Industries We Serve

hospitality ev chargers


EV owners are now actively seeking hotels that offer overnight charging when they travel.

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office ev chargers

Offices & Hospitals

Is your office building or hospital equipped for employees and visitors to charge up their EVs?

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Apartments & Condos

EV owners are now actively seeking accommodations that offer overnight charging.

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gas station ev chargers

Gas Stations

The future demands adding high-speed EV charging to bring in lucrative customers.

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retail ev chargers

Retail Centers

With EV charging, you can attract electric vehicle owners to your shopping complex.

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parking facility ev chargers

Parking Facilities

Is your parking lot catering to the needs of electric vehicles?  If not, then it is time to start!

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Use Our Revenue Calculator

Annual Charging Revenue
81,979 lbs
Annual CO2 Reduction

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Per charger

Easy EV Charging, End-to-End

Graviti Energy provides a simple, seamless process from getting your chargers installed, all the way through your customers plugging in and charging up!

Graviti EV charging stations

Ultra Fast Chargers

Engineering and manufacturing of our Elective Vehicle charging units is conducted in-house.
With a heavy focus of research and development, we prioritize EV Charger reliability and efficiency.
Charging stations are equipped with advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time data.
chargepoint ev charging platform

Intuitive Platform

View EV charger station usage in an intuitive, real-time display
Gain customer insight, including new and repeat customers
View financial reports, such as revenue by location, charger type, and more
Graviti Energy Mobile App

Robust Mobile App

Seamless registration process & activate charging via QR code
Locate available chargers through an intuitive map feature
Simple pay-as-you-go billing with speedy transactions
graviti partner program bg img

Our Partner Program

Graviti’s user-friendly Network Partner Portal is developed to provide our Partners with efficient and comprehensive support.

Graviti Energy Mobile App

Download the App

Charging your electric vehicle while you’re on the move has never been easier! Just download the Graviti App on your smart device and get instant access to a wide range of tools to make your charging sessions hassle-free.