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Graviti Energy is The New Leader in Turnkey EV Charging Fulfillment


October 3, 2022


Graviti Energy
Graviti Energy is The News Leader in Turnkey EV Charging Fulfillment

AUSTIN, TEXAS – (October 3rd, 2022) – Graviti Energy, the only Texas-based high-speed electric vehicle charging solutions provider, introduces up to 50% faster EV chargers compared to competitors, along with expert turnkey services from start to finish. Due to highly-aggressive pricing, combined with Federal tax credits and rebates, there is virtually no cost to implement Graviti Energy chargers.

Currently, Graviti Energy has more than 50 Texas EV charging locations installed or contracted to be installed. Graviti Energy can install twice the amount of chargers in half the time it takes its competitors, due to Graviti Energy’s unique turnkey model. From providing support to EV drivers at the chargers themselves, to full-service equipment maintenance and repair, Graviti Energy handles the most important needs of site owners, enabling them to focus on running their businesses.

Graviti Energy installs two types of chargers. The first are Level 2 9.5kw chargers, that once installed, are 30-50% faster than industry-standard 7.2kw units. Graviti Energy also installs Level 3 60kw chargers that can charge electric vehicles in 15 to 30 minutes.

A Comment From The Team

“We see the need for more EV chargers in the marketplace, especially in Texas, because there are simply not enough chargers to accommodate the number of electric vehicles on the road, a trend that’s not improving any time soon,” says Hubert Vaz, Graviti Energy – The Leader in Turnkey EV Charging Fulfillment

Nayak, Head of Sales & Marketing and Board Member. “Additionally, 25% of EV chargers currently installed are non-functioning due to the cost of repairs and maintenance not being covered by installation companies.”

Unlike competitors, Graviti Energy takes on the responsibility of scoping, engineering, installing, commissioning, managing and maintaining high-speed EV charging stations. Graviti Energy optimizes EV charging by seamlessly connecting utilities, businesses, stations and drivers into one cohesive solution. By providing this full range of services – from project management and installation to permitting and site-owner agreements – Graviti Energy is leading the way into the future of turnkey EV charger fulfillment.

“Big players only sell you the equipment, and then clients are expected to find an electrician and a contractor to finish the job, all while having to manage lots of moving parts and thousands of dollars of upfront, out-of-pocket expense,” Hubert says. “When you work with Graviti Energy, we provide a hassle-free approach and take care of the entire installation with our own employees. On top of that, our revenue share agreement takes care of maintenance, warranty, site hosting, site management and customer support.”

About Graviti Energy

Graviti Energy is a woman, minority owned high-speed electric vehicle electric vehicle charging solutions provider, Our solutions are designed to optimize EV charging by seamlessly connecting utilities, businesses, charging stations and drivers. We provide a secure, safe and dependable single-source solution for your EV charging needs. From project management to controlling entire installations, from permits to agreements. In addition, we manage and service the equipment – making for a hassle-free experience.