Is Your Location Ready
For the EV Revolution?

Is Your Housing Complex Meeting the EV Charging Needs of Your Tenants?

Is your housing complex catering to the needs of Electric Vehicle owners?  EV owners are now actively seeking accommodations that offer overnight charging.

Meet the Needs of Your EV Tenants

An increasing number of tenants require EV charging for their electric vehicles.

Increase Rents and Property Value

By attracting affluent EV owners, you can increase rents and your property value.

Turn Those Parking Spots Into Money Makers

Convert those passive parking spots into active revenue streams.

Graviti Energy offers 2 types of chargers for apartment complexes – Level 2 and Level 3 chargers.  For most purposes, we would suggest Level 2 chargers.  However, for locations that are close to busy freeways or have significant EV charging needs, Level 3 would be a strong option to consider.

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