Level 3 "Charges"

Faster Charging

Fast Charging Made Affordable

Our Level 3 DC Fast Chargers start off at 60kw. While we can provide chargers at higher speeds, we have found that 60kw chargers are most cost effective and adequate for most locations.

Level 3 Charger Spec Sheet

Level 3 Charger Spec Sheet


Minimum Requirement
Description of Goods DC Fast Charger
Rated Power 180kW
Connectors One CHAdeMO and One SAE CCS J1772(CCS1) Connector Holster Dock to be provided
Cable Length 5mm minimum, UL 62 rated
DC Charged System Mode 4,IEC-61851,ISO-15118,DIN SPEC 70121 and CHAdeMO
Encloser Ratings IP54/NEMA 3R
Mounting Method Floor/Ground
Input Supply 480 VAC+/-10%
Frequency 60Hz +/- 2%
Output Voltage Range 150 to 1000VDC
Output Current Up to 500A with Liquid Cooling Cables
Efficiency Ratings >90%
Power Factor >0.98
Operating Temperature -30 deg C to 55 deg C(-22 deg F to 131 deg F)
Storage Temperature -40 deg C to 70 deg C(-40 deg F to 158 deg F)
Operating humidity 5% to 95% non- considering
Connectivity & Salient Features
Access Control- communication RFID System (ISO-/IEC14443A/B), Creadit Card,QR or Bar Code Cards
Status Indication LEDs indicating charging status
HMI Optional
Cold Start Randomized auto restart following Power Outage
communication Standard 4G/LTE
Networking Networked with a Backend Charge Management System
Energy Meter Real time Measurements, minimun 10min reporting
Load Shed Capability OpenADR compliance
Communication Protocol OCPP1.6J,upgradable to OCCP 2.0
Electrical Protections
Electrical Safety:Surge Protections 20 kA
Electrical Safety:GFCI RCD 20mA Type A
Electrical Safety: General Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Missing Ground
Electrical Safety: Output Short Output power disabled when output is short circuited