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Graviti Secures Bexar County, Texas, EV Charging Contract 


May 23, 2023


Graviti Energy
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Graviti’s Comprehensive Support & Maintenance Program Key to Successful Bid

Houston, Texas (May  23, 2023): Graviti Energy, the fastest-growing EV charging infrastructure operator in Texas, has been chosen by Bexar County in Texas to install and operate twenty-tow Level 2 EV chargers at seven different locations in the county following a competitive bidding process.  Bexar County encompasses the city of San Antonio, TX, the 7th largest city in the United States.

While Bexar County had originally put out a bid for the installation and operations of equipment to be supplied by a leading equipment vendor, Graviti ultimately won the contract by demonstrating the superiority of its turnkey EV charging solution compared to that of its competitor. 

“As a manufacturer, not only is Graviti able to provide its own high quality equipment, but as the installer and service provider, we are able to address the installation, warranty, site and customer support, and maintenance for our chargers throughout the life of the contract. This provides our customers with a hassle-free relationship with an EV charging infrastructure operator,” said Vidya Sagar, Co-Founder and CEO of Graviti Energy. 

“Graviti provides superior price points and convenience compared to any other EV charger network in the market. Our EV charging feasibility study helps identify key risk factors and determine the most efficient and cost-effective path for installing our infrastructure,” he added.

Currently, Graviti Energy is only of only a small number of manufacturers in the US that also installs and operates EV charging infrastructure for third party customers.

About Graviti Energy

Graviti Energy is a turnkey electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions provider. The company is one of only a few in the US that manufactures, installs and operates EV charging infrastructure. Graviti provides a secure, safe and dependable single-source solution for all of its customers EV charging needs including ultrafast DC charging and slower AC charging.  Headquartered in Houston, TX, Graviti is already one of the largest EV charging networks in Texas.