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Graviti Energy Launches Ultrafast DCFC Chargers


June 22, 2023


Graviti Energy

HOUSTON, TEXAS – (June 22, 2023) Graviti Energy, the fastest growing, turnkey EV infrastructure operator in Texas, today announced the launch and availability for ordering of its DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) Level-3 chargers.  The chargers can be ordered anywhere from 60kW capacity to 180kW capacity, in increments of 30kW.  This expands Graviti’s product line from its earlier launched Level-2 AC chargers into the higher capacity DCFC chargers.

“With the launch of our Level-3 chargers, Graviti has now entered a field that very few US vendors participate in”, says Vidya Sagar, Co-Founder and CTO of Graviti.  “Our chargers are manufactured to the highest standards, and are currently undergoing UL certification”, he added.

“Graviti DCFCs have larger then normal screens, which can be used to present videos and advertising.  They also come with an optional credit card swipe – for an additional fee”, says Hubert Vaz-Nayak. Head of Sales and Marketing.  “Combining our ability to now manufacture, install, and operate our own chargers enables us to provide a compelling turnkey solution to our customers.”

Graviti Energy’s product lineup now includes Level-2 AC chargers of 9.5kW capacity, as well as the new line of DCFCs.  The chargers come with a standard 2 year warranty.  They are available for immediate order with delivery to be made within a few weeks.  Orders can be made by contacting the company at

About Graviti Energy

Graviti Energy is a high-speed Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Provider and Operator, headquartered in Texas.  Our solutions are designed to optimize EV charging by seamlessly connecting utilities, businesses, charging stations and drivers. We provide a secure, safe and dependable single-source solution for your EV charging needs – from equipment to project management and installations, to permits and end-user agreements. In addition, we manage and service all of the equipment, making for a uniquely hassle-free experience. Graviti Energy is a Woman Owned Minority Business.