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Graviti Energy Launches Compact 40W DC Charger


April 2, 2024


Graviti Energy
Graviti Energy is The News Leader in Turnkey EV Charging Fulfillment

Ushers in game-changing platform for shorter-term parking locations

Houston, Texas, (April 2, 2024)- Graviti Energy, a leading provider of EV charging infrastructure solutions, has introduced a game-changing compact 40 kW high-voltage DC charger that is expected to revolutionize EV charging in locations where customers park for limited periods. Unlike traditional DC chargers that are characteristically bulky and heavy, and require a significant amount of power for installation, the compact 40 kW DC high-voltage charger by Graviti Energy is relatively compact and can be easily fitted onto a post.

The 40 kW charger can provide a meaningful charge within an hour, being able to charge up a car up to 80% capacity within an hour in most cases. What’s more, it is very economical to purchase and install in comparison to the larger 60kW and 150kW chargers. The Graviti Energy compact 40 kW DC charger is ideally suited to locations like restaurants, offices and shopping centers, which are at present ill-served by slower AC chargers that provide a mere 25-35 miles per hour.

Says, Vidya Sagar, the Co-Founder and CTO of the company, “we are excited to launch this compact and energy-efficient 40 kW DC charger, which can provide a meaningful charge to an electric car in an hour. Graviti decided to develop this charger because many locations do not have the power availability for a quick install. Factor in that a 40kW charger can charge a car up in almost the same amount of time that a significantly faster, and far more expensive, charger can, and you have a game changer offering in the market.”

Graviti Energy which undertakes the scoping, engineering, installing, commissioning, managing and maintaining of high-speed EV charging stations expects the compact 40kW DC charger to quickly become a market leader in Texas in this whole new segment. Manufactured to the highest standards, these chargers offer a standard 2-year warranty. Orders may be placed by contacting the company at

About Graviti Energy

Graviti Energy is a turnkey electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions provider. The company is one of only a few in the US that manufactures, installs and operates EV charging infrastructure. Graviti provides a secure, safe and dependable single-source solution for all of its customers EV charging needs including ultrafast DC charging and slower AC charging.  Headquartered in Houston, TX, Graviti is already one of the largest EV charging networks in Texas.